Shamanic learning, energy

Phase 2 – Energy, shamanic learning

This phase pertains to the energetic bodies, the subtle plane of creation (from the spirit world to the divine level), existing in instantaneous time, a multidimensional plane, resembling the ocean and its increasingly silent depths. It represents introspection, the level of healers, shamans, and druids.

In our contemporary Western society, many proclaim themselves as shamans without genuine training. In contrast, Teddy underwent a true shamanic initiation, following the traditional apprenticeship of plant medicine with the Shipibo-Conibo people, involving two years of isolation in a plant diet, alone in the Amazon rainforest. In this series, he invites us to delve into his training, exploring the personal and universal realms of master plants that both heal and teach. It is a journey of connection to the spirit world and its subtle planes.

Before the apprenticeship

Series of drawings created at the beginning of Teddy’s encounter with the Shipibo-Conibo healers and the medicine of ayahuasca.

During the apprenticeship

Series of drawings created during the two years of the plant diet in the Amazon rainforest.

After the apprenticeship

Drawings created after Teddy’s plant diets.

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© Teddy Ros 2024