informations biographie exposition artiste Teddy Ros


informations biographie exposition artiste Teddy Ros

Teddy Ros Le chemin intérieur par l’expérience artistique art contemporain

The inner journey through artistic experience

Teddy Ros is a prolific, multi-medium artist who has undergone numerous artistic and personal experiments. A brilliant draftsman, he skillfully guides us through highly detailed narratives that can take unexpected forms depending on his explorations. Like many artists, he intertwines the universal with the intimate, creating a form of self-fiction that leads us through moments of doubt and terror, as well as spiritual reflection and his experience as a shaman during the two years he spent in the Amazon forest.

In the vein of Joseph Beuys, he develops a comprehensive philosophy and a systemic approach to the world, where invisible and mediumistic forces constitute an essential subject of creation. However, his primary focus, one might say, akin to Louise Bourgeois and a few others who draw inspiration from many non-European cultures, revolves around “healing” art—a form of self-knowledge unfolding in three stages: matter, energy, and emptiness. Yet, it would be wrong to stop at these three phases of consciousness and self-improvement in relation to oneself and the universal.

Indeed, our artist, constantly in search of meaning, also extends his universe to formal questions, such as “details” or “reversal,” where he guides us on paths leading back to deeper truths about ourselves. He even helps us grasp his perspective, which aligns with the eternal debate of the scholastic quarrel of Universals and Plato’s reflections on the consistency of reality. Through his works, he seeks to emotionally convey that all of this is ultimately nothing, and that art is merely an expression of this illusion, pointing towards other truths. This ambitious program of awareness is made possible by the sensitive connection to the artworks he produces in various forms (drawings, paintings, notebooks, sculptures, videos, installations…). An universe and a journey that Teddy Ros invites us to engage with in the continuation of his own life’s path. Through his artistic work, he captures elusive, subtle realities, giving them a visual, emotional, and questioning form, and invites us to share in them.

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Artistic training :

2003/2004 – Audiovisual Year at the Athénée Royal d’Audergheme- Brussels

2004/2007 – Higher School of Graphic Research E.R.G. – Brussels

Personal exhibitions :

2025, “3 phases” Maison Visinand Cultural Center, Montreux, Switzerland

2023, “Sculptures”, Galerie Chris art, Montreux, Switzerland

2023, “Sculptures/drawings”, Galerie ARt du loup, Montreux, Switzerland

2015, “Inner journeys”, OzArt space, Lutry, Switzerland

2011, “Nihue Rao expo”, exhibition at the Nihue Rao center, Iquitos, Peru

Collective exhibitions :

2024, “Private P’arts”, Maison Visinand Cultural Center, Montreux, Switzerland

2023, “ART Fair Lausanne” international contemporary art fair, Lausanne Switzerland

2022, “Drawing/sculpture exhibition” Art du Loup gallery, Montreux, Switzerland

2022, “Inside Out” Maison Visinand Cultural Center, Montreux, Switzerland

2021, “Private P’arts”, Maison Visinand Cultural Center, Montreux, Switzerland

2018, “black and white”, Galerie d’art du Petit Chêne, Lausanne, Switzerland

2015, “Works on paper”, The Brick lane Gallery, London

2013, “23rd autumn show”, René POUS Foundation, France

2013, “Portugal in the spotlight”, Toulouse exhibition center, France

2006, “C215’s art toys show”, Paris C215, France

2006, “Sonical machines show”, Paris C215, France

2006, “Explozition 2”, Paris 17th, Taxie gallery, France

2004, “Explozition”, la Roche sur yon, Taxie gallery, France

Publications :

2022, illustration for the book “Language of dreams” by Michael Lahmi

2016-2018, covers of books by Sebastien Socchard

2014, cover of the book “Simple techniques for symbiosis with the living” by Christophe Allain

2006, Illustration for the book “C215’s red book”

2006, Illustrations for the book “The encyclopedia of utopian plants”

Press :

2019, Double pages for the book Capsules volumes 3

2005, Double page for Spray magazine

informations biographie exposition artiste Teddy Ros

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© Teddy Ros 2024