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Teddy Ros is a French artist based in Switzerland, independent, whose initial practice which still nourishes all his work is drawing, but who practices painting, digital palette, video, modeling and sculpture indiscriminately. His plastic experiments, which have been carried out obsessively since he was old enough to hold a pencil, can be summed up in three major cycles which are as many stages of life and consciousness: “Dark” period, with a practice teeming with drawings expressing the dystopia of the world and inner unhappiness; period of “visionary art”, resulting from several long and intense interior experiences in the Amazonian forest and from a certain metaphysics; finally the return to more recent works which constitute a balance between all these experiments. In each of these periods, he produced a large corpus of works which testify to the tireless, necessary and indispensable quest for an identity based on facts that are certainly invisible, but real in his eyes, beyond illusions, and whose density Teddy Ros tries to share with us.
Today, after having practiced different types of meditation and introspection for a long time, he finds himself at a crossroads. A maniac for details as we can see both in the drawings and in his modeling, he nevertheless seeks to go beyond precision, in his opinion an illusionistic smokescreen, to reach the essence. It is from this fertile paradox that the most accomplished works are born. At first glance, his work, full of references to comics, illustration, the world of manga and fanzines, could seem anecdotal or even adolescent. But it would be a shame not to delve further into the incredible richness of the signs used, including their second degree and their humor in reference to popular cultures. Here a deep sadness calls upon us. Here it is rather a question of “drawings – worlds”, a sort of mandalas freed from their shackles which express a tautology. And here again an incredible deployment of attention to detail to precisely go beyond form to devote oneself to the spirit…

information on the visual artist Teddy Ros Switzerland Vaud

Artistic training:

– Preparatory year of Audiovisual at the Athénée Royal d’Audergheme – 2003/2004 – Belgium

– École supérieure de Recherche Graphique E.R.G. – 2004/2007 – Belgium

Personal exhibitions:

2023, “Sculptures”, Galerie Chris art, Montreux, Switzerland

2023, “Sculptures/drawings”, Galerie ARt du loup, Montreux, Switzerland

2015, “Inner journeys”, OzArt space, Lutry, Switzerland

2011, “Nihue Rao expo”, exhibition at the Nihue Rao center, Iquitos, Peru



Collective exhibitions:

2023, “ART Fair Lausanne” international contemporary art fair, Lausanne Switzerland

2022, “Drawing/sculpture exhibition” Art du Loup gallery, Montreux, Switzerland

2022, “Inside Out” Maison Visinand Cultural Center, Montreux, Switzerland

2021, “Private P’arts”, Maison Visinand Cultural Center, Montreux, Switzerland

2018, “black and white”, Galerie d’art du Petit Chêne, Lausanne, Switzerland

2015, “Works on paper”, The Brick lane Gallery, London

2015, “8 Toulouse tattoo convention”, Diagora space, France

2013, “23rd autumn show”, René POUS Foundation, France

2013, “Portugal in the spotlight”, Toulouse exhibition center, France

2012, “Villod’rock, Villaudric”, France

2006, “C215’s art toys show”, Paris C215, France

2006, “Sonical machines show”, Paris C215, France

2006, “Explozition 2”, Paris 17th, Taxie gallery, France

2004, “Explozition”, la Roche sur yon, Taxie gallery, France


2022, illustration for the book “Language of dreams” by Michael Lahmi

2019, Double pages for the book Capsules volumes 3

2016-2018, Illustrations for several covers of Sebastien Socchard’s books

2014, Illustration of the cover of the book “Simple techniques of symbiosis with the living” by Christophe Allain

2006, Illustration of the book “C215’s red book”

2006, Illustrations for the book “The encyclopedia of utopian plants”

2005, Double page for Spray magazine

Teddy Ros / +41 76 690 58 81 /

© Teddy Ros 2023

© Teddy Ros 2023