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       Teddy, a self-taught artist, begins to express himself young through drawing in black and white, in a macabre and dark universe. In 2003, he graduated with a Bachelor's degree in scientific studies with a score of 20/20 as an audiovisual option. Teddy then went to study in Belgium the cinema, at the Athénée Royal D'auderghem as an option realization where he obtains the congratulations of the jury. Then he made three years at the school of graphic research, also in Belgium, as an option narration. His style evolves radically and integrates the color following his encounter with shamans Shipibos-Conibos and the learning of their medicine which began in 2008. His works, in watercolour and acrylic, then transcribe his relations with the spirits of nature and the world of the invisible.
In 2011, he resumed his practice of art as a professional artist in France. In 2014, he moved to Switzerland where he now teaches art.
Versatile, he is passionate about a continuous search for perfection in the details. Guided by his intuition and feelings, he likes to use both the more traditional techniques as well as the digital-painting.
For over a year, Teddy has been sculpting human beings in a realistic way in plastiline and polymer clay.


– « le noir et le blanc ", art Gallery of the small Oak, Switzerland, 2018.
– "Works on paper", The Brick Lane Gallery, London, 2015.
– "Voyages interieurs", Espace OzArt Lutry, Switzerland 2015.
– "8 Convention Tattoo de Toulouse", Espace Diagora, France 2015.
– "23rd Salon d'automne", René Push Foundation, France 2013.
– « Portugal à l’honneur », Parc des expositions de Toulouse, France 2013.
– «Villod'rock «, Villaudric, France 2012.
– exhibition at the" Nihue Rao "centre, Peru 2011.
– "C215 's art Toys Show", Paris C215, France 2006.
– «Sonical machines Show», Paris C215, France 2006.
– "Explozition 2", Paris 17th, Taxie Gallery, France 2006.
– "Explozition", La Roche sur yon, Taxie Gallery, France 2004.

Projects and Publications


– Creation of a mural for Expediciones, Spain, 2015.
– Production of visual printed on T-shirt and sweet hoodie for Lolo, France, 2014.
– Achievements of a mural for the Lycée Pierre Paul Riquet, France, 2013.
– Design for a tattoo, Benjamin, 2013.
– Design for a tattoo, Ehryka, 2013.
– Design for a tattoo, Tom, 2012.
– Realization of a visual for the website of Vahina Giocante, France, 2012.
– Design for a tattoo, Stephane, 2011.
– Creation of a mural for the Lycée Pierre Paul Riquet, France, 2010.

– Mural for the Recyclart, Belgium, 2005.
– Production of stickers, visual printed on T-shirt and sweet hoods for NOHAMD, 2003.
-Achievements of various flyers and posters for the concerts and evenings of the FAST, from 2003 to 2005.


– Double pages for the book capsules volumes 3, published in July 2019.
– Illustrations for several covers of the books of Sebastien Socchard , 2016 to 2018.
– Illustration of the cover of Christophe Allain's book, 2014.
– Illustration of the book "C215 's Red Book", 2006.
– Illustration of the book "The Encyclopaedia of Utopian Plants", 2006.
– Double pages for the magazine "Spray", 2005.

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