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Delicate symbiosis

Delicate Symbiosis

Welcome to my website,

It's a pleasure to see you here. Immediately below you will find a new section: news, recent and more distant in the form of a blog, you can comment, leave a comment, feel free not. Then further down the websiteHave a good visit !


Hands on Matter

Hands on Matter

       In May 2017, I became actively involved in sculpture. Since then, it was love at first sight, my art took an important turn: suddenly my search for perfection and my passion for details turned towards volume, 3D, matter and its beauty as well as my love of shapes, curves and textures.


Each piece is made with great care and attention, the creative process is long and meticulous: from the idea, to the creation of the aluminium structure, to the modelling of the piece, to the finishing touches. Then it is time consuming and perhaps complex to mould the silicone part. The next step is the resin casting, then cleaning the defects of the resin casting, such as air bubbles. Preparation of the wooden base and finally the final patina, which is done in several layers. In short, everything is done by hand, with delicacy, patience and love.  

Each print is in limited edition, numbered and signed with a beautiful certificate of authenticity. 


All parts completed or in the process of being created.

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You want to acquire one of my sculptures, offer a beautiful unique and original gift, it is here:



If you want to learn sculpture, discover my way of grasping matter with shade and light, come and join one of my classes.

Courses available

Happy students

Good group course adapted to the level of each pupil, warm atmosphere
-Alexandre L.


Nice lecture, Teddy's communicative enthusiasm. It was for me the idea of approaching anatomy through sculpture. Sketching exercises are very good for sharpening the sense of observation ( we get to see people even more :) ). A high quality course. It needs patience to go step by step at first, but it is also possible to do other exercises to loosen the eyes, hands and mind from time to time. Another interesting topic: Learning the importance of light and shade for sculpture, effects of textures also. Worth a try 🙂

Anne So

Teddy's carving workshops are great! You learn how to create realistic sculptures. This is exactly what I was looking for.


Excellent course for beginners and advanced sculptors! In addition to being very friendly, Teddy is a very good teacher and takes the time to accompany the students in their creations. I particularly appreciated the importance he gives to sketching and to a global understanding of the principles of sculpture, guaranteeing a complete and truly lasting learning experience. Very good course material too, with many references, examples and detailed explanations (volumes, anatomy, movement dynamics, etc). I recommend this course to everyone, whatever your age and level 🙂

Richard M.


All my own videos.

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Old works of art

You wish to see my old works : drawings, paintings, illustrations, videos, it's here :

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Get in touch

Do not hesitate to write me for any questions, information I will be happy to answer you.

Teddy Ros

chemin du petit clos 16

1815 clarens Switzerland.

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